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Jamie Williams for City of Sydney

Jamie Williams for City of Sydney

Jamie Williams for City of Sydney

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The Archibald Fountain is a Sydney landmark situated in Hyde Park North at the centre of Birubi Circle. The fountain was created by French sculptor Francois Sicard to commemorate the allied forces of France and Australia in WWI. The Art Deco structure was unveiled in 1932 and was donated by J.F. Archibald, former owner and editor of The Bulletin magazine.

Although the sculpture was originally created to celebrate the new bond between France and Australia, Sicard drew inspiration from Greek mythology to create his public artwork. His overarching goal was to create a structure with a theme of peace, in light of the atrocities of war. These two ideas can be seen in his use of three mythological characters; DIana, who brought harmony to the world, Pan, who watched over fields and pastures and Theseus, famed for conquering the minotaur, who acts as a symbol for sacrifice for the greater good. 

The fountain is approximately 18 metres in diameter and is in the shape of a hexagon. A bronze Apollo, the central raised figure standing approximately six metres high on a central pedestal, dominates the other mythical figures of Diana, Pan and the Minotaur. Behind Apollo a large arch of fine spray represents the rising sun and accentuates his dominant position. At Apollo’s feet, water sprays from horses’ heads into a series of three basins. Tortoises in the large hexagonal basin, and dolphins in the middle one, direct jets of water towards the centre.


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Photo & content credits: Jamie Williams for City of Sydney

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Archibald Fountain

Address: Archibald Fountain, 1A Prince Albert Road, Sydney, New South Wales 2000

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