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Our Story

Aussie Bucket List is 100% Australian. Made in Australia, by Australian's, for Australian's.

Aussie Bucket List® is a website and smart-phone application developed in Australia, by Australian's, for Australian's. Even our servers are right here in Australia! We are a 100% Australian owned family business based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Aussie Bucket List® has conducted the research for you, promoting only the top and most reputable experiences, places and events all across Australia. 

The Aussie Bucket List® concept has evolved since early 2015. We started out by promoting all of the wonderful bucket list experiences across Australia on our social media pages. This resulted in an organic following of thousands of people in Australia and across the world engaging with us about Australia's unique experiences. We spent thousands of hours chatting with locals, travelling and researching each region of Australia to develop a platform our community would love and find value in. 

What Drives Us

Aussie Bucket List® inspires Australian's to live their best life, encouraging people to get outside and explore their own backyards. You only live once, and if you live by your bucket list, once should be enough. When you are outside exploring, you get physical exercise, fresh air and sun exposure which has proven to be beneficial for your physical health and has a positive impact on your mental health and overall well-being. People also begin to develop an appreciation for nature and the environment in which we live in. Research has proven that taking your kids with you on outdoor adventures stimulates their cognitive development. The vitamin D they receive from the sun helps to boost their mood, whilst they experience an adventure they will remember for a lifetime. 

Aussie Bucket List® has a goal to drive a movement of people that appreciate nature, the unique and diverse Australian environment and become advocates for our native wildlife and the habitat in which they live. We are committed to promoting environmentally friendly activities by reminding society to take care of our environment when out exploring. This includes staying on marked trails to reduce our impact on the environment, assisting with land management and rehabilitation, taking rubbish with you or placing it in the bins provided, and to take nothing but photos with you and leave nothing but footprints behind.

Aussie Bucket List® is committed to making the world a better place, investing a minimum of 10% of profits to conservation initiatives, to protect our native wildlife and conserve their habitat.

Why Aussie Bucket List?

100% Aussie Owned

Aussie Bucket List® is an Australian owned and operated business, made by Australian's, for Australian's, to support Australian tourism.

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We do not charge any booking fees on all bookable Aussie Bucket List® experiences.

Environmentally Friendly

We are passionate about protecting our environment and encourage our community to engage in sustainable practices.

Supporting Conservation

10% of Aussie Bucket List® profits will be used on conservation initiatives to protect and enhance our native wildlife and their habitat.

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