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Daniel Tran (OEH)

Daniel Tran (OEH)

Daniel Tran (OEH)

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Located within the World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park, the Glow Worm Tunnel area offers magnificent views of pagoda rock formations, extensive flora and a wide array of native wildlife including glow worms, kangaroos and wallabies. 

The Glow Worms are located in an old rail tunnel 400 metres in length. It was originally constructed as part of the railway line to Newnes Kerosene Shale Works. The line was dismantled around the 1940s.The tunnel is located 40 kilometres from Lithgow on the Newnes Plateau. Good walking shoes and a torch are required for the walk through the tunnel. The glow worms found in the tunnel are the larvae of the fungus gnat. The blue glow of the larvae is the result of a chemical reaction in the body of the glow worm. The larvaes' glow lures their prey, such as mosquito's, closer to them.


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Photo & content credits: NSW National Parks | Daniel Tran (OEH)


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Emily_Cat 28 Dec 20
Kid friendly and easy walk

Bit of a hike to get to the glow worm cave. Approx 40km drive to the car park from Zig Zag entry, then about a 2km walk to get to the glow worm tunnel. The walk was relatively easy with toddlers, not pram friendly so be prepared to carry the children occasionally. Remember to pack a torch, it’s extremely dark and wet inside so you’ll want to be able to see well to walk. We expected to see more glow worms than we did but we didn’t go in too deep because of the kids. I would assume the deeper you go the more there would be. Overall great experience!

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Glow Worm Tunnel

Address: Glow Worm Tunnel, Newnes State Forest, Lithgow, New South Wales 2790

24 people have added this to their Bucket List

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