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Mount Mitchell Summit is a must for your Aussie Bucket List if you are an avid hiker, located in the Cunningham Gap section of Main Range National Park, about 120km south-west of Brisbane in south-east Queensland. Main Range National Park features rugged mountain ranges, spectacular lookouts and rare wildlife and is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area. Explore the Mount Mitchell track, in the Cunninghams Gap section of the park.

Starting from The Crest, your legs will get a good workout as you climb up the northern flank of Mount Mitchell. Climbing steeply around the West Peak (1162 metres) and onto the saddle between the peaks, you’ll eventually end up on a knife-edge ridge above a sheer cliff on the East Peak (1175 metres). This peak is known as 'Cooyinnirra' to the Aboriginal people.

Care must be taken at the cliff edge. You’ll feel on top of the world at the natural lookout, with views of the Fassifern and Millar Vale Creek valleys, and mounts Maroon, Lindesay, Barney and Ballow.

You'll encounter rainforest and open eucalypt forest on this track. Search the sky for raptors patrolling the peaks. The ‘top guns’ of feathered hunters, peregrine falcons can reach speeds of up to 180 kilometre per hour in near-vertical hunting dives.

This park is part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area, famed for its ongoing geological processes, evolutionary history, and diversity (especially of rare, threatened and endemic species). The Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Area is managed by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. The map on QLD Parks website only shows an indicative start point; the track route and end point are not shown, and the map cannot be used for navigation purposes. See for detailed maps and the latest park information. When you are in the park, read the signs at and near the start of the track. 


  • Hiking
  • Bird watching 
  • Photography


  • Walking trail - 10km return | grade 4 | return over same path | allow 3 hours
  • Car park
  • Lookout
  • Public toilets

Important Information


  • Always do some research before heading out for your journey. Visit the local visitor information centre for the most up to date information.
  • Stay safe and get the most out of your visit by preparing for natural hazards and other outdoor risks. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your care.
  • Wear suitable footwear and ensure to wear appropriate clothing to protect yourself from the elements when outside exploring.
  • Plan ahead and ensure to take enough food, fuel and water for your journey.
  • Always stay on the marked tracks where possible. Never climb fences, they are there for your own safety.
  • Please consider the environment, take your rubbish with you or place in the bins provided. We want to ensure these beautiful places are still here for our future generations to enjoy.
  • Ensure to let a responsible adult know of your plans and report back into them once you have finished exploring for the day.
  • National park fees may apply for national parks in Australia. Check the parks website for bookings and/ or further details.

Photo credits: Cameron Semple, High and Wide via QLD Parks and Wildlife Service

Content credits: QLD Parks and Wildlife Service & Aussie Bucket List®

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Mount Mitchell Summit

Address: Mount Mitchell track, Main Range National Park, Queensland 4309

2 people have added this to their Bucket List

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