A Seniors Guide to Travelling South Australia

South Australia 29 October 2023

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A Seniors Guide to Travelling South Australia

Let’s face it, people. Fun and adventure have no definitive age limit, whether you’re eight or eighty. And if you want to satiate your old soul’s thirst for travel, there’s no better place than South Australia to keep you occupied.

South Australia boasts majestic natural beauty, bustling cultural hubs, and cheery-eyed folk all around its borders. And when it comes to senior-friendly activities, South Australia has that and much more in abundance! Whether it’s your first time exploring this Australian region or your tenth, there are always new places to explore.

But for those who haven’t ventured into this area of the world yet, don’t worry. This article will give you some tips on how to make the most out of your South Australian adventure. Buckle up, folks! Let’s uncover the splendid heart of this one-of-a-kind region.

When’s The Best Time to Visit South Australia?

South Australia’s climate is very senior-friendly, like that of most major Australian cities. It boasts a Mediterranean-esque climate with four distinct climates: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The best time to visit is when the temperature’s relatively mild and balanced—particularly during spring, which is from September to November, and autumn, which is from March to May. That said, there are a plethora of indoor activities that seniors can partake in all year round, so don’t be too rigid with your schedule!

Where to Stay in South Australia?

Photo: Tamar Ridge, Snelling Beach - Kangaroo Island

South Australia is filled to the brim with many wonderful accommodations that can house seniors and their loved ones. Pick one of South Australia’s many tourist locations—whether it’s Adelaide Hills, Kangaroo Island, or Flinders Rangers and Outback—and look for a hotel, resort, or a Stayz holiday home accommodation of your choosing. You can also have a travel agent or your relative assist you.

For more independent travellers, you can search for many suitable accommodations online through hotel booking websites such as Expedia or Hotels.com. From hostels to hotels, beach-side cabins to luxurious secluded cabins, there’s bound to be lodging appropriate for every type of person.

Besides holiday rentals, however, there are also many long-term accommodations that seniors can choose to move to in South Australia. Adelaide, one of South Australia’s most prominent cities, isn’t considered one of the world’s most livable cities for nothing! There are many residential homes for sale near Adelaide, and they’re often significantly cheaper than houses in Sydney and Melbourne. Alternatively, you can also move into a retirement village in Flagstaff Hill and gain nearby access to shopping centres, medical facilities, and a community of like-minded people.

Top Things to Do in South Australia for Seniors

Itching to know more about what’s down under the Down Under? Here are some of South Australia’s most beloved activities.

Sip World-Class Wine in d’Arenberg Cube

Do you enjoy the idea of sampling exquisite wine in one of the country’s most famous wine regions? How about doing so inside an architectural marvel? Indeed, one of the best things to do in South Australia is to try out the different flavours of wine grown in the numerous wine regions speckled in the area. And while each region has its own charm, McLaren Vale offers something very unique to the table. Within McLaren Vale, there’s an imposing building that stands tall and mighty, the d’Arenberg Cube. This Rubik’s cube-like structure—which was a design inspired by the complexities of wine-making—boasts five floors of art installations, function rooms, and wine-tasting opportunities. Besides the plethora of things to do within the building, you can also ride an elevator to the topmost floor and enjoy the sight of rolling fields and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Perfect for catching sunsets!

Watch Cultural Events in Adelaide

Photo: Adelaide Fringe Festival

If you want to visit the most bustling city in South Australia, then you’ve got Adelaide to turn to. Also known as the Festival City, Adelaide is known to host a large number of cultural events throughout the year. This means that no matter what season you’re in, there’s always something cool happening within Adelaide’s many parks and convention centres!

The sheer diversity of cultural shows and festivities in Adelaide is nothing short of astounding. The city has theatres, opera houses, and grand stages where music, dance, and acting performances take place multiple times a week. If you enjoy the idea of immersing yourself in the culture of a place, you should try sitting down in at least one of the performances in Adelaide. Being a seated event, active seniors won’t have any problems getting lost in the world depicted in the stages of these halls.

Stroll and Enjoy The Views at Henley Beach

Like the idea of soaking under the sun and sea? Want to go fishing on a nearby pier? How about eating a delectable array of local dishes? If you said yes to at least one of those questions, then you should definitely put Henley Beach on your list of places to visit in South Australia. Adored by both locals and tourists, Henley Beach is a senior-friendly beach found not more than 25 minutes away from the Adelaide city centre. With its smooth sandy shores and gentle waves, this beach is a fantastic option for people to casually visit and enjoy the sights.

Besides the coastal views and activities Henley Beach offers, there’s also a beachfront promenade that holds many restaurants and cafes with a tonne of tasty offerings. If you have a little more energy, you can also window shop at Henley Square for some souvenirs and local goodies. And of course, don’t miss out on seeing the sunset from this beach! Staying over until the moon is out to enjoy the local bar experience is also a good way to spend a night.

Visit Natural Spots Within The City

Adelaide is an incredibly green city; in fact, it’s recognised as Australia’s first-ever national park city, and the second in the world after London. This means that nature is integrated and heavily respected in the daily lives of the citizens of Adelaide. In essence, you can find many beautiful green spaces in every corner of the city.

That said, if you want to go to places that truly showcase the beauty of South Australia’s wildlife and plant diversity, you have two main spots to turn to in the city centre: the Adelaide Botanic Garden and the Adelaide Zoo. The botanic gardens are situated in the heart of the city. Seniors are offered a discounted ticket price, and the location itself is fairly wheelchair-friendly. This attraction features a stunning array of flora found both in Australia and around the world. There are also themed gardens within the premises, namely the Palm House, the Rose Garden, and the Bicentennial Conservatory.

If you want to look at animals, the Adelaide Zoo offers a stunning collection of over 2,500 animals with 250 separate species. The zoo’s layout is also senior-friendly and there are many spots where you can take refuge from the sun or chow down on a meal if you’re feeling peckish.

Written by Lucy Mitchell @ current.com.au


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