The Best Electric Vehicle-Friendly Scenic Drives in Australia

Australia 10 September 2023

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The top 4 Scenic Electric Vehicle-Friendly Drives in Australia

Australia is home to some of the most stunning scenery and natural wonders in the world. While those of us here may take it for granted at times, there is a reason the land down under is on so many travellers' bucket lists.

But with the rise of electric vehicles, this natural oasis is becoming more accessible for eco-minded road trippers as well. EV charging infrastructure across Australia has exploded in recent years. Long trips between major cities and remote destinations are no longer off limits for electric vehicle owners.

If you have an EV or are looking to rent one for your next Australia holiday, here are five of the most scenic drives to add to your itinerary. Each route offers plenty of natural vistas and charging stops to keep you moving. Experience the real Australia through an EV windscreen.

To ensure you are well-prepared for this road trip and general EV usage, check out this complete guide to the cost to charge electric cars in Australia.

1 - The Great Ocean Road, Victoria

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Stretching over 150 miles along the southern coast of Victoria, the Great Ocean Road is one of the world's most iconic drives. This road trip takes you past iconic rock formations like the Twelve Apostles, sheer sea cliffs, and through quaint beach towns. Starting in Torquay and ending in Warrnambool, stops like Lorne and Apollo Bay break up the long coastal journey. Keep an eye out for koalas and wild kangaroos too.

While the scenery on this EV drive is unbeatable, the route also offers good charging infrastructure along the way. Charging stops are stationed in towns like Torquay, Lorne, and Warrnambool. Taking the time to charge gives you a chance to soak in the views and explore the nearby beaches as well.

Add the Great Ocean Road to your Aussie Bucket List HERE.

2 - The Great Alpine Road, Victoria

Image credit: Visit Victoria

If you want majestic mountain scenery in Oz, the winding Great Alpine Road is the route to take. Stretching from Wangaratta to Bairnsdale in Victoria, this higher elevation road takes you through sections of the Australian Alps. You'll traverse subalpine forests, ski country, and drive along mountain rivers. Stop at towns like Bright and Omeo or detour to Mount Hotham.

While snow can close sections of this road during winter, the drive is generally easily accomplished in other times of year. There are several charging stops conveniently located in towns along the Great Alpine Road, including Bright and Omeo. The newest charging sites in Dinner Plain and Mount Hotham make exploring the mountains even more accessible by EV.

Add the Great Alpine Road to your Aussie Bucket List HERE.

3 - The Nullarbor Plain, South and Western Australia

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For those looking for remote wilderness, the Nullarbor Plain crossing delivers. By travelling the Eyre Highway from South Australia to Western Australia across the Nullarbor, you'll traverse the longest uninterrupted stretch of road in the country. This desert and limestone landscape feels endless at times, with the journey punctuated by road trains.

The sheer remoteness of this route means EV travel requires careful planning still. But new charging stops have opened in locations like Mundrabilla, Caiguna, and Cocklebiddy recently. While distances between stations can be immense at parts, this is part of the wild adventure. Plan charger stops in Norseman and Eucla as well. The remoteness of the Nullarbor is an experience all its own by EV.

Add the Nullarbor Plain to your Aussie Bucket List HERE.

4 - The Waterfall Way, New South Wales

Image credit: Barbara Webster via NSW Parks & Wildlife Service

In the coastal forests of New South Wales, the Waterfall Way is aptly named for the number of stunning falls along the route. Stretching from Coffs Harbour to Armidale, this road trip takes you through subtropical rainforest. Stop for a dip at waterfalls and swimming holes or get a glimpse of the wildlife in Dorrigo National Park. Quirky country towns welcome visitors looking for a break from driving as well.

With small towns dotting the inland route, there are several spots to stop and charge your EV along the Waterfall Way. Key charging stops include Bellingen, Dorrigo, and Ebor, among others. Help keep the route and the nation green by opting to drive it in your EV.

Add the Waterfall Way to your Aussie Bucket List HERE.

Proactive policies and investments by the government and electricity providers over the past decade have boosted charging networks. Major highways connecting cities now have reliable charging points relatively frequently. And targeted expansions have opened up more remote regions as well. For example, Chargefox has added new ultra-rapid charging sites in regional towns across multiple states.

While some extremely remote unpaved roads still cater more to petrol vehicles for now, many of the most iconic sealed drives are opening up to electric travellers. You can comfortably drive from many points in the country to others in an EV if you plan charging stops. And scenic routes through the Outback and lesser-visited corners are viable for motivated explorers. 

If you have been hesitant to take your EV on holiday in Australia due to range anxiety, hopefully these four scenic options provide inspiration. With a spirit of adventure and route planning, road tripping this beautiful country by EV is more possible than ever before. The EV road trip future is bright in Australia!

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